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Details of our comprehensive service

How long before a sailing do I have to be there?
Minimum arrival times vary between services. Please find them listed below. During busy periods or periods of increased security it is advisable to allow extra time.

Containers / Tanks
Dover & Calais30 mins60 minsN/A
All North Sea ports60 mins90 mins90 mins
All Irish Sea ports60 mins90 mins90 mins
Tilbury60 mins60 mins60 mins
Zeebrugge60 mins60 mins60 mins

Are there lifting facilities available at all your ports?
Yes, we supply lifting facilities at all our North Sea ports as well as Liverpool and Dublin. Please contact the relevant freight office for further details

When are you open for delivery and collections?
Please see our port information for details.

Do you have rail connections from/to your ports?
Yes. Apart from Hull, all our North Sea ports are rail connected. Please contact our freight office for further details.

Do you have barge connections from/to your terminals?
We have a Rhine RO-RO connection from Rotterdam-Europoort to Mannheim. Please contact our Rotterdam freight office for further information