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Download the cancel booking user guide in MS Word format.

UserGuideCancel.docCancel Booking User Guide  (Word,  26 kb)

cancel a booking

Easily recall and cancel unwanted bookings

  1. Log in to the P&O Ferries Freight web site at
  2. Click the 'amend/cancel' tab on the 'widget' navigation (if you are elsewhere on the site, click the 'home' tab on the main navigation near the top of the page, then 'amend/cancel' on the 'widget' navigation)
  3. Choose an account under which to amend/cancel from the drop-down list (an account may be pre-selected: if you need to amend/cancel under another account simply change the selection)
  4. On this screen you may either amend or cancel, depending on the choice selected by the radio button. It is defaulted to 'amend' – to cancel select that option
  5. Enter your search criteria to find bookings to cancel (NB: if you wish to find just one booking to cancel enter its 'waybill': you do not need to enter anything else)
  6. Once you have entered your search criteria, press the 'go' button
  7. You will be presented with the results of your search.
  8. Next to each booking record you will see a checkbox. Check the boxes for those bookings you wish to delete. When you check a box that row will turn red to indicate that you are about to cancel it. You can uncheck a box at any time before clicking the 'cancel selected' button
  9. When you have selected all bookings for cancelling, press the 'cancel selected' button
  10. A dialogue box will appear confirming the number of bookings you about to cancel and asking if you are sure. Click 'cancel' to remove this dialogue box and return to the page to make/remove cancellation choices, or press OK to cancel these bookings. NB: once you click 'OK' those bookings will be cancelled and removed – this cannot be undone.
  11. You will be taken to a confirmation screen listing the bookings which have been cancelled
  12. You can print this page for future reference, or click the 'cancel more' button to go back to the start of the process and find more bookings to cancel