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Download the track booking user guide in MS Word format.

UserGuideTracking.docTracking User Guide  (Word,  29 kb)

track a booking

A useful reporting tool to keep tabs on your movement history

  1. Log in to the P&O Ferries Freight web site at
  2. Click the 'track' tab on the 'widget' navigation (if you are elsewhere on the site, click the 'home' tab on the main navigation near the top of the page, then 'track' on the 'widget' navigation)
  3. Choose an account under which to track from the drop-down list (an account may be pre-selected: if you need to track under another account simply change the selection)
  4. Enter your search criteria to find bookings to track (NB: if you wish to find just one booking to track enter its 'waybill': you do not need to enter anything else)
  5. Please note that dates work slightly differently on tracking to booking and amend/cancel. Instead of 'date' and 'time' pick-lists there are pick-lists for
    1. dd – the day you want to track
    2. mm – the month you want to track
    3. yyyy – the year you want to track
  6. The rules regarding how these are used are:
    1. If you choose a day you must also choose a month and a year (so you can track loads on a particular day
    2. If you choose a month you must also choose a year (so you can track loads for an entire month – but be warned this may bring back a large number of booking records)
    3. You may just choose a year – but be warned, this may bring back a very large number of booking records (up to the maximum of 500 results that can be shown for any search)
  7. Once you have entered your search criteria, press the 'go' button
  8. You will be presented with the results of your search.
  9. The 'status' column will contain the latest status for each load, while the 'status details' column gives the date and time when that status was generated
  10. To view a load's status history (ie which statuses have been generated to date and when), click its current status and you will be able to view its status history in a pop-up window
  11. The other columns provide further information allowing you to identify a specific load (eg by 'unit ID', 'customer ref', 'waybill') as well as the account the load was booked under
  12. There is not enough space on this page to show all details of a load. Therefore if you wish to view details of the load's description, the number of drivers associated with the load, the load's plugin requirements and, if it requires a plugin, the temperature the load needs to be kept at, or the weight of the load, click on its waybill number and you will be able to view that information in a pop-up window