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freight forwarding

If you are looking to secure loads within Europe, please complete the following form. For further information or help with using this form, call Andy Brincombe on +44 (0) 1304 866848.

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You must supply P&O Ferrymasters with an up to date copy of your Goods in Transit Insurance Policy Document. Cover must be at least to the minimum level as set by the International CMR convention.

P&O Ferrymasters terms of payment are 60 days

about the commitment

It is agreed that any jobs taken from P&O Ferrymasters will be completed under the CMR convention.


Should no contract have been entered into on your behalf by P&O Ferrymasters then you are free to load your vehicle without any charges.

Should P&O Ferrymasters have contracted your vehicle already and you are then unable to load for any reason, you will accept a charge of 10% of the agreed price for the contract of transport.

Should P&O Ferrymasters customer after you have failed to cover the job, present P&O Ferrymasters with charges for non-execution of the transport contract, you agree to accept these charges as well. It is agreed that any jobs taken from P&O FerryMasters will be completed under the CMR convention.

The information submitted in this form will be submitted directly to P&O Ferrymasters Limited. P&O Ferries Ltd have no involvement in any contract arising from its submission and therefore accept no responsibility.